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Remixing the website for Pioneering Techno DJ Josh Wink

UX designer, Web designer, Webflow developer
10/2021 - 12/2021
Figma, Adobe, Webflow
For 25 years, Josh Wink, a prominent figure in American electronic music, has been pioneering the House and Techno genres. Hailing from Philadelphia, he is deeply rooted in the city's musical heritage. Renowned within the Acid House music community and American rave culture, Josh is most celebrated for his iconic track, "Higher State of Consciousness."

I was asked by his team to redesign his website, and elevate the user experience. Josh wanted the website to be both modern and responsive.


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I was tasked with conceptualizing and crafting a fresh website for Josh Wink aimed at enhancing the fan experience.

This project was an enriching journey spanning the latter half of 2021. The objective was to ideate, design, and develop a responsive website using Webflow. It entailed design thinking, comparative research, meticulous design iterations, and prototyping to ensure the site's seamless creation.


The stakeholders were the client, Josh Wink, and his manager Matt Brookman.

Josh Wink Djing in 2014


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Understanding the problem

The existing Josh Wink website was dated and lacked prominent calls to action.

In order to tackle the project effectively, I started with a thorough UX audit of Josh Wink's existing website. This included a detailed analysis of current user flows, imagery, evaluation of user interactions, and pinpointing pain points within the overall user experience.

This comprehensive review provided crucial insights into the challenges users encountered and highlighted opportunities for enhancement.

The mobile screen to the left was the old website, and the one on the right is the current one.

Mobile homescreen of original websiteMobile homescreen of new website redesign


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As someone who spent 10 years as an electronic music DJ, specializing in House and Techno music, I understood the aesthetic of an electronic artist.

I embarked on a comprehensive redesign effort that first started with benchmarking best in class Techno DJ websites. This included two of his peers, Matthias Tanzman and Nicole Moudaber. I went through what was working and what was lacking on these sites, creating a feature matrix too.


After sharing my findings with the client, I delved into user research, honing in on his target audience: the dance music enthusiast. Through interviews with former colleagues from Philadelphia, I synthesized the feedback into a single user persona: Paul, a 37-year-old software engineer with a passion for Techno and Acid House.

Now, by these collective pain points, I could strategically refine the information architecture and enhance website functionality.

User persona
Competition - Matthias Tanzmann websiteCompetition - Nicole Moudaber website


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Lofi to hifi DESIGNS

When designing, I focused on a seamless user experience by integrating elements thoughtfully. Using user research, I created a plan and refined designs based on feedback.

At Josh’s request, I added social icons on the hero section. After wireframing, I collaborated with the client on high-fidelity designs using Figma, and made a sticker sheet for efficient implementation.

The black, white, and yellow color scheme reflects Techno music’s vibe, inspired by Josh Wink’s "Higher State of Consciousness" and its iconic “Acid smiley face.

Digital wireframe homescreenDigital wireframe tour dates sectionPaper wireframes Josh Wink
High fidelity prototype of user flowJosh Wink stickersheet

Outcome & Takeaway

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This project culminated in the creation of a revamped tour dates section and a visually captivating hero section featuring updated photography. The website as a whole has more intuitive navigation for fans on his site.

By emphasizing simplicity and clarity in the layout, Josh Wink's updated website combines functionality with aesthetic appeal, addressing previously identified issues.

After receiving client approval on the mockups, I proceeded to build the website using Webflow. These enhancements were aimed at facilitating quicker and more intuitive navigation for fans visiting his site.


As of 2023, the new Josh Wink website has increased his bookings by approximately 20%.

Josh Wink website mockups and artifacts
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